Oracle Weblogic Interview Questions and Answers

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12. Explain the term clustering?

Clustering is the process of grouping the servers together for accomplishing high percentage of
scalability and availability.

13. What is the purpose of clustering?

The major goal of performing the process of clustering is to make high scalability as well as the availability of the servers possible. This process also helps in balancing the load in a proper manner and also accomplishes failover.

14. What are the various types of WebLogic installations?

The WebLogic installation usually occurs in three different modes which are: 

  1. Graphical mode
  2. Console mode
  3. Silent mode.

15. What is the server?

A server is an instance of WebLogic.The server executing in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). A server: 

  1. Runs on a designated Oracle WebLogic Server machine 
  2. Has a dedicated amount of RAM
  3. Is multithreaded

     Two types of servers: 1) Administration Server 2) Managed Server