Oracle Weblogic Interview Questions and Answers

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6. What are deployment descriptors?

Modules and applications have deployment descriptors—XML documents—that describe the  contents of the directory or JAR file. Deployment descriptors are text documents formatted with XML tags. The J2EE specifications define a standard, portable deployment descriptors for J2EE modules and applications.


7. What is the difference in the web.xml and weblogic.xml?

An application-specific XML-based deployment descriptor file named web.xml, which lists your application's J2EE components and their configurations as J2EE modules. Each J2EE module is a collection of one or more J2EE components of the same container type (Web or EJB) that are represented by one component deployment descriptor for that type in the web.xml file.

A WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor file named weblogic.xml, which defines how named resources in the web.xml file are mapped to WebLogic Server resources. Examples of weblogic.xml attributes include HTTP session parameters, HTTP cookie parameters, JSP parameters, resource references, security role assignments, and container attributes.

8. What is the default JVM used for Weblogic?

The sun hotspot JDK default is made used for development, JRockit is the one used for the production of WebLogic 11g as well as 12c. An operating system is another factor that helps in choosing the certified JDK JVM.

9. Is there any possibility for starting managed server during the absence of administrator server?

The usual process is that in the case of any difficulty for the manager server to get connected to any administration server at the time of start up, there is an option for the managed server to retrieve the configuration related to it from the configuration files as well as other files involved.  The information thus retrieved cannot be altered and it is possible only when the administration server is  really available. When the administration server is unavailable, then the managed server enters into its independence mode for carrying out its operations.

10. How can default JVM be changed to other?

For changing the JVM can be done by following the steps below. 

  1. You should first set the JAVA_HOME in the start script of the server.
  2. Change the config.xml of domain for using the JRockit javac.exe
  3. Remove any kind of switches specific to Sun JVM from start scripts of a server.