Oracle DBA Interview Questions And Answers

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1. What is DataBase?

Database offers a single point of mechanism for storing and retrieving information with the help of tables 
1. A table is made up of rows and columns where each column stores specific attributes and each row display value for the corresponding attribute. 
2. It is a structure that stores information about the attributes of the entities and relationship among them 
3. It also stores data types for attributes and Indexes 

2. What is TableSpace?

A Database is divided into logical Storage Unit called tablespaces. A tablespace is used to grouped related logical structures together.

3. What is an Oracle View?

A view is a virtual table. Every view has a query attached to it. The query is SELECT Statement that identifies the columns and rows of the table the view uses.

4. What are the major changes in architecture for 12c?

From 12c Onwards, the instance is shared with multiple databases.These multiple databases are self-contained and pluggable from one database to another database. This is very useful methodology where database consolidation.In short a
single SGA and background process will be shared to multiple databases, the databases can be created on the fly and drop or attach and detach from one server to another server. 

5. Explain briefly about Oracle Database Architecture

Oracle database is a combination of database and instance where instance is a combination of memory structures and background process which help in reading/writing data to or from the database.