11 Things to remember when interviewing!

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  1. Research the company, be prepared to show them your knowledge of their corporation.
  2. Dress up for the occasion. (No this does not mean business casual)
  3. Be early for the interview. (5-10 minutes)
  4. Be polite in the lobby with the administrative assistant.
  5. Prepare a list of questions before the interview about the job duties to express your interest.
  6. Right Eye contact throughout the interview and Smile.
  7. Be enthusiastic, clear and concise in your answers. (Do not ramble)
  8. Send a Thank you letter after the interview.
  9. Follow up on their decision.
  10. Find an individual to be your advocate who works for the company, you have applied.
  11. Exercise 2 hours before your interview, this will get the blood flowing, and you will be very confident, and your presentation of experience will come across as well received.
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