16 things to remember that will help you get your next job

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  1. Personalize your resume and its summary to each job with an emphasis on the related skills
  2. Thank you notes are a vital reminder to the employer of your interest.
  3. Do not make it about you.
  4. Be clear on what kind of value you bring to the potential employer; tie it to your past duties.
  5. Prepare your references to a call, prepare for your interview.
  6. Be Positive, talk positive about past employers, responding upbeat.
  7. Use a multiple strategies to a identify a potential employer.
  8. Build your network.
  9. Clear, Concise and Professional Speech.
  10. Network, Network, Network with everybody, but do not come across desperate.
  11. Follow up, Follow up and Follow-up, this shows persistence.
  12. Come across as a Value driven candidate, do not come across desperate.
  13. First impressions are Priceless.
  14. Research your potential employer, they're past and tie this into your interview.
  15. Review each interview completed and make notes on how you could have done better in your next interview.
  16. Try to reach out to multiple people in an organization you have identified a company you feel would be a good fit for your career.
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