What you should do while you are unemployed

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I am unemployed and now what, below are some simple steps you should take.

  1. Build your on-line presence and Linked in profile, network on all social networks.
  2. Start a Blog, talk about relevant articles related to the field of expertise you are pursuing.
  3. Keep your skills current read expertise related books and go through some certifications. Take free on-line technical courses and certifications and add them to your resume.
  4. Volunteer your expertise to a small company that can use your help, this could lead to a job with them or even a job with another company that they had passed your expertise.
  5. Follow up with the jobs, email, call them ask them to coffee. Remember you must set yourself apart from the rest of the people they talk to each day!
  6. Be available for every recruiter that calls and talk to them when they call, do not put them off, do not ask them to call back.
Ravikumar Vatti said: (Thu, Oct 6 2016 08:16:58 AM)

Good points.
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