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Going for an interview can be stressful, and there might be a few things that you tend to overlook. However, these few things that you ought to be a little particular careful about since these guarantee your job more than your resume.

Never go to an interview without brushing or without having a shower. Shave. Look presentable. Go light on the makeup. Do not wear bling or carry cheap purses and accessories.

Do not chew gum. If you had a piece of gum while entering the office, make sure you spit it out, wrap it in a tissue and dispose of it well.

Do not be late. If possible, try arriving a little early which will give you time to calm your nerves. Do not listen to your iPod, chat or play games while you are waiting for your turn.

Do not wear wrinkled clothes or come in tees and jeans. Dress appropriately.

Do not lie on your CV. Be honest. Remember most companies do a background check on you before the interview.

Do not speak negatively about your previous employer.

Do not blow your own trumpet even if you have a lot of achievements listed against your name. There are many ways to showcase your skills to your interviewer without coming across as proud or a gloat.

Do not try to get too friendly with your interviewer.

Do not answer phone calls in the middle of an interview. Do not forget to put your phone on silent mode or even better switch it off before you enter the office.

You do not know how many people will be interviewing you. So bring along extra copies of your CV.

Do not curse or use swear words.

Do not slouch or fidget while being interviewed.

Do not give sob stories or act too desperate for the job.

Do not discuss money or leave policy before it is open for discussion by the interviewers.

And finally, do not forget to follow up that will convince the employers of your interest in the position.

Marisa said: (Sun, Jan 31 2016 01:15:56 AM)

What about those head hunters that deal with the employer directly? A temp agency that will contact the company and will submit your resume to get an interview. Are temp agencies a legit way to get hired?
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George said: (Thu, Jan 28 2016 08:03:28 PM)

Another in the line of hygiene, is go easy on the perfume or cologne. Most interviewers know you will be nervous, so trying to cover the body odor with heavy sprays can be offensive.
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