5 Things You Must Do Ahead of a Job Interview

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Getting an interview is impressive! We grasp that most people apply for many more jobs than they are called to interview for, so getting that call can really support with building confidence in your job search. The issue is however that many people do not prepare enough for the interview.

Preparation is of vital importance and here are five things that you must do in preparation for that interview:

1) Understand the content of your resume

Since you would have adapted your resume to address the needs of this position, understanding what you told them in the resume is really important. The interview questions will most likely be framed around this content, so having trust in building on what you said them in your resume is truly essential.

2) Research the position responsibility

You know how the position responsibility was advertised, but through a little bit of analysis, you can get a greater understanding regarding the position responsibilities, reporting lines and expectations. Understanding as much as you can help with preparing your examples and responses.

3) Analysis the interviewer
You may not have the information about the organization if you are working with a recruiter, but finding out professional data on the interviewer can help you feel at ease when you first meet them. Use tools such as LinkedIn to know a little more about their background and specialist areas.

4) Plan your trip
Understanding how to get to the interview and how long the trip will take can minimise any last minute jitters. Plan your trip and allow additional time. Accidents and delays happen and although it is a legitimate reason for being delayed; it still isn’t a great way to start an interview.

5) Exercise your interview
Working through examples of your successes and responses and exercising your interview can help eliminate nerves. Use a friend or work with an interview mentor to focus on how you talk your answers, how you can explain your employability and more of all be able to sell yourself into the role.

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