Have you considered starting your own business?

No, sir. I don't have the plan to start a business because I just want to improve my skills and work experience. Later I will think about that. Because a good business person must be a good employee, then only he can run the organization successfully.

maha said: (Sun, Apr 17 2016 02:50:45 AM)

As a fresher I don't think so. To be a good businessman 1st we must be a good employee. Now I want to be a good employee by improving my skills by taking some risks. After that basing on my interest I will think about it.
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shishir said: (Sun, Apr 17 2016 02:52:52 AM)

NO sir! I don't have any idea about starting a own business, usually people starts business for the two main reason one is NAME in society and second thing is money, I believe that My NAME is identified along with my organization[our company]name and second thing comes automatically.
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Nav said: (Sun, Apr 17 2016 02:55:11 AM)

Till now I haven't think of starting my own business.

I am a fresher and right now my only focus is on gaining experience.

I wanna start my career from a reputed and well established organization like yours and will do work with this organization till the time I would be able to contribute in the growth of the organization.

That's only my aim.
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