Give me an example of your creativity.

Creativity is applying our mind skills and performing a task. Creativity is some thing even a uneducated person can do. It is not that educated person has a high creativity. A4 sheets of certificates cannot prove a person creativity. My creativity is using a pen riffle to draw margins in my answer sheet in a poor case of not carrying a scale.

Jerin khan said: (Fri, Dec 25 2015 02:59:56 AM)

Creativity is doing normal day life activity in some different way to make use of the available resource. I personally done some creative thing like.

1. Using debit card for drawing lines.

2. Using old cold drink bottles as pot for plants.

3. Using bulb for drawing engaged sheets during my college days.

4. Cooking food mixing 2-3 cuisines (sadly Maggie is banned).

5. Having altered rules of cricket ground for ease of play
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Jahid said: (Thu, Dec 24 2015 09:59:54 PM)

Creativity means doing a similar work in an extraordinary way.
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