What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is realizing that my qualities enhances the objectives of the organization.
My weakness is finding it difficult to work with lazy people which makes me a workaholic.

kamrul said: (Thu, Dec 24 2015 05:42:31 AM)


1. Quick decision maker in the tense situation.
2. Flexibility.
3. Believe in Change.
4. Good at pre-planning.


1. Spend lot of time in double checking.
2. Get tense when I have to depend on other for completing given task.
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Imran DU said: (Sat, Dec 26 2015 05:40:20 AM)

My strength points:

1- I learn every day new things on my life.
2- Working on myself every day.
3- Never give up.
4- Trust on god on my steps.
5. Do my tasks fast, listen to my manager at work.
6. Sociable with my team working.

My weaknesses points:

1. Don't trust on people very much.
2. Sometimes fair from the future.
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