How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

Well, its too early to say anything about it. Being a fresher, experience and enhancement of skills matters the most. As long as I can work fulfilling the needs of both the company and myself, I will stay and grow alongside with it.

Leo Leo said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:12:52 AM)

As long as I am making significant contribution to the company and growing professionally, I see myself making a long term commitment.
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Moni said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:14:33 AM)

As long as I can feel this organization as my organization and this organization also feel me as an integral part of it!
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Jone said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:15:37 AM)

Well Sir as long as my skills, ideas & hard work help in achieving organization's goals & the organization in return appreciates my work and helps me in my carrier growth and provides me good working environment.
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William said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:20:34 AM)

I am working for my satisfaction if a company provides the good working environment, job satisfaction and bright future then I will work a long time for the company.
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Lima said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:22:09 AM)

Sir, everyone wants to make progress in life and even I do. As far as the company rewards me for my hard work I would be a part of it.
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Ganish said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:24:07 AM)

As long as my ideas helps for the company if the company provides a good work environment, job satisfaction and career growth. There is no need to leave the company.
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Rahul said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:39:04 AM)

As long as, if I feel I am learning, growing and contributing towards the growth of the company.
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Narender said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 02:40:30 AM)

There is a direct relation between company and employees.

1. If I as an employee works good, the company will not fire me.

2. If company provide me good growth opportunities, there is no reason to live company.
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