What are your outside interests?

I enjoy going to different places to have a diverse experience, playing board games to have fun, listening to music for enjoyment, reading to gain knowledge, spending time with friends & family, watching movies for entertainment, working in the yard because the results are satisfying and volunteering to give of myself to others.

Ankita said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 09:34:27 AM)

I love to spend time with my lovely friends and my family members I also like to travel to different places.
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David said: (Fri, Jan 15 2016 09:41:38 AM)

I would say being a social leader and helper, I donate my free time trying to help newly graduates realize their future by helping them stay focused and fulfill their dreams, I also assist in resolving personal and business conflicts, I moderate and help whenever possible.
I have a passion for helping people through their careers and businesses through hard times.
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